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Security Fog

Security fog seems to us to be the nearest thing we offer to actual magic.

From the point of activation any intruders into your premises are unable to see and, consequently, incapable of stealing or damaging any contents of the building.

A futuristic technology today

The presence of security fog in a building makes it almost impossible for any criminal activity to continue. As soon as the system is activated a room of any size is filled with a dense fog that reduces visibility to close to zero.

Once the system has been reset the fog disperses leaving any contents entirely undamaged. Security fog poses no hazard to health.

Service and Support

Here at Ellis all our engineers are fully trained and qualified in fog security systems and we deliver this service across Cornwall and into Devon.

The fog that is generated, that cloaks and obscures the property, contains a readily identifiable DNA marker. This not only marks each item of stock or inventory but also marks the clothing, persons and equipment entering the property illegally. This further aids the police in their detection efforts.

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